Training Approach

When athletes are young, it is easy for players and parents to get caught up in trying to find the best team to be on or the best players to play with. We feel this is a big mistake and is the downfall of many young volleyball athletes. In the search to play on the best team, players often overlook the most important element of long-term growth in the sport of volleyball, which is the training and development of individual skills. At Momentum our focus for young athletes is on individual as well as and team development.

We feel that young players should focus on training more and that being on a winning team in junior high has little or no relevance to being a successful high school or collegiate player. High school teams generally play the most skilled and effective players. College coaches recruit elite players with elite skills, not elite teams. Research shows us that young athletes learn easier than older athletes and those individual skills are much easier to teach when young, rather than trying to break bad habits when players are older.

In a sport such as volleyball, where each player must master many different individual skills, quality repetition training and discipline is the difference between mediocrity and greatness. Only by constantly testing our limits can we truly find our potential. This is the true measure that separates greatness from mediocrity and determines who will be the champion and who will fall short. Champions are not always the winner of the final match, but their effort and commitment to themselves and their teammates is the ultimate gold medal. Our entire training philosophy is based on individual player development and discipline, with the understanding that developing great players will eventually lead to great teams.

Team Momentum is completely dedicated to providing its athletes with the technical, tactical and physical training to reach their highest possible potential. We strive to help each and every player regardless of age or ability to achieve maximum performance. For the younger player we want to develop a solid base of fundamental skill as well as a passion for the the sport. As players get older and progress through the program we want to provide the path to a level of excellence that allows each and every athlete to test their own limitations.


People only become great at things they do over and over again. This concept is universal whether it is athletics, the arts or other areas of interest. Behind every champion lie thousands of hours of practice and hundreds of thousands of repetitions. IF GREATNESS WERE EASY TO ATTAIN, THEN EVERYONE WOULD DO IT.

Club Leadership