For the 2015-2016 season Team Momentum is changing the way fees are charged. Fees will now be a flat rate, which will include travel tournaments, two qualifiers or out of town tournaments, uniform, coach stipends, coach expenses and all practices and club administration. Fees will also include PlyoCity speed and agility training, including volleyball and plyo training sessions for next summer.

The intent is that the fee will allow a typical team to have a complete schedule for a predetermined cost. The club will allow teams the flexibility to change the make up of their tournament schedules without additional charges or accounting required. For example, a team may decide to do a multiday out of town tournament that is not a qualifier.  Or a team may elect to substitute three local tournaments for one qualifier.
If there are substantial reductions in a team’s schedule the club may provide a partial refund of fees to parents. Conversely, if a team wishes to do three qualifiers an additional cost may be incurred.

Fee Schedule:


10s: $450

Includes uniform (two jerseys, 1 pair of spandex), 1 tournament, training and practices Jan-through Season ending tournament, memberships, coaches pay, USAV registration fees)


11s: $750

Includes memberships, PlyoCity speed and agility training, practice time, 2 local tournaments, Regionals, League play, plyo training all season, Uniform (2 practice jerseys, 1 pair of spandex, coaches pay, USAV registration fees, etc.)

12s-18s: $2500


PlyoCity speed and agility training during season plus 8 complete PlyoCity volleyball training sessions in June/July 2016

Practice/ Training/Gym Time two times per week

USAV Memberships for all coaches and players

USAV Impact certifications & cap certifications

USAV background screens

Tournament & Travel Expenses

(Up to Two qualifiers, Presidents Day, League, Bid Event, other tournaments determined by coaches in consultation with Club Directors)

Uniforms (Practice T shirt, gear, 2 jerseys, 1 spandex, 1 warm up jacket, backpack )

Coaches gear

Administrative costs

Master Coaches Fees

Coaches Pay & Assistant Coaches Pay

Website, credit card fees