2019-2020 Club Information

About Team Momentum

  • Premier training club with a proven track record of developing elite volleyball players
  • Experienced coaching staff
  • Full time club administrators and master coaches
  • Conveniently located facilities

At Team Momentum our focus is on individual training and team development. Quality repetition and discipline are the differences between mediocrity and greatness. Our training philosophy is based on individual player development, with the understanding that developing athletes into great players will lead to great teams.

PlyoCity speed and agility training is integrated into practice for the entire season. This allows players to improve athleticism and conditioning. PlyoCity’s proven plyometric training program is guaranteed to increase speed and agility. In addition to plyometrics, Team Momentum will incorporate Momentum Power, a condensed strength program, into practice throughout the season.  The 11s through 18s are tested prior to the season start, and at the conclusion of the regular season.  Players will see and feel their physical improvements. 

Team Momentum is a club about Quality, not Quantity. Team Momentum has high expectations of their members.  Club administrators and coaches will work with athletes to balance the enjoyable and challenging sport of club volleyball with other sports and activities. This will promote not only a more well rounded volleyball athlete, it will promote mental and physical growth and achievement in all areas.  Coaches and members work together to compliment the schedules of school, family, sports without unnecessarily compromising the team.  

Team Momentum members will understand and train at all the skills necessary to make a well rounded athlete of the sport.  It is important that players understand their role and their responsibilities as the season progresses.  Team Momentum wants to shape not only talented athletes, but also dedicate time to developing improved character and communcation among their coaches, parents and peers.


8s-10s Kaila Schrimpf, Becky Stark

11s (2 Teams) Heather Cumbee, Alan Stanfill/ Paula Baechle

12s (2 Teams) Deb Nicollerat, Catie Ward / Ron Hampp, Katie Thieret

13s (3 Teams) John Powell, Megan Tilley /  Ashley Alder, Raegan Wynd

14s (3 Teams) Roman Balaban, (Mattie Grey) Goessling / Bailey Benes, Stephen Lendy

13s & 14s Regional Team: John Powell, Megan Tilley & Roman Balaban

15s (2 teams) Zach Rule, Connor Bodeman/ Ahna Baehle, Alex Kasper

15s Regional Team- Roman Balaban, Albert Shih

16s (2 teams) Sydney Atley, Nick Savio, Taylor Davis/ Whitney Shoenbeck, Gabby Gallois

16 Regional Team – Albert Shih, Roman Balaban

17s (2 teams) Heather Cumbee, Joe Cumbee/ Tarin (Stuenkel) Tompson, Danielle Kelly

18s (1-2 teams) Catie Ward, Linda Steinmeyer

Upcoming Events Prior to Tryouts



  • 10/3 – 8s-12s 630pm-800pm / 13s & 14s 800pm-930pm @ Westminster
  • 10/10 – 8s-12s 600pm-730pm / 13s & 14s 730pm-900pm @ Westminster OPEN HOUSE – 700-800pm
  • 10/17 – 8s-12s 600pm-730pm / 13s & 14s 730pm-900pm @ Westminster OPEN HOUSE – 700-800pm
  • 10/24 – 8s-12s 600pm-730pm / 13s & 14s 730pm-900pm @ PRIORY

OPEN GYMS for 15s-18s

DATES: November 7th, 14th & 21st

LOCATION: Westminster Christian Academy (800 Maryville Centre Dr. Town and Country, MO 63017)

15s & 17s: 6:00pm-7:30pm 
16s & 18s: 7:30pm-9:00pm 


Cost: $15 per session (pay at the door) *No Pre Registration Required

OPEN HOUSES for 15s-18s

TEAM MOMENTUM will host two open houses on November 7th & November 14th.  The open house will help parents through the tryout process, and will give details about the club and season.  Club Director Heather Cumbee will speak for about 45 mins and then parents will have the chance to ask questions.  There is no charge for the meet and greet.  Choosing a club is a big commitment, and it is best to be as informed as possible prior to the tryout weekend.
The Open House will run from 7:00pm – 8:00pm on both dates.  Players are welcome to come and go as the open house will overlap with the open gym.  Parents are welcome to stay the entire time.    



*Pay $15 at the door & arrive 15 minutes early for Open Gyms

The open house will outline club philosophy, club fees, tentative schedules (practices), tryouts, uniform package, coaches, training, etc.  These Open Houses are crucial to make sure that your getting the important information for the club you could potentially play with for the next year and hopefully years to come. 


DATES: 9/30, 10/2, 10/7, 10/9, 10/14, 10/16, 10/21 & 10/24

TIME: 8s-12 6:00pm-7:30pm / 13 & 14s 7:30pm-9:00pm

Choose 4, 6 or all 8

To register or for more information please go to PlyoCity.

Season Information

TRYOUTS: Westminster Christian Academy (Friday, Oct. 25th and Saturday, Oct. 26th); Times: TBD

PRACTICE CALENDAR: Practices (November – Early May) (10s begin in January, December 2 play dates)

Practice Locations: St. Louis Priory, Elite Performance Academy, Westminster Christian Academy

  • 10s: Wednesdays 6:00-8:00pm starting Wednesday, January 8th
  • 11s: Wednesdays 6:00pm-8:20pm (Westminster Christian Academy) * Additional Training Day on Mondays after school (Elite Performance)
  • 11s-14s will start training on Tuesdays in November starting Nov. 5th – Nov. 26th – Regular practices start after Thanksgiving.
  • 11s/12s – 6:00pm-7:30pm 
  • 13s/4s – 7:30-9:00pm

** REGIONAL TEAMS will begin practices after Thanksgiving


$2500 (12s-14s), $899 (11s), $450 (10 & Under)

Fee include: Everything (Tournaments, Travel, Memberships, Uniform, Plyometric training and  testing, 2020 summer training (12 & Up), coaches pay, background screens, administration)

$1,500 REGIONAL TEAM FEES Fees Include: one practice per week, limited uniform package, plyometric training, Summer 2020 training, local tournaments & season ending tournament, coaches stipend, memberships)


*Schedules are subject to change

  • 10s – Wednesdays @ Elite 600pm-800pm (once per week)
  • 11 Navy / 11 Orange – Wednesdays @ Westminster 600pm-820pm *Monday positional training @ Elite
  • 12 Navy / 12 Orange – Tuesdays/ Thursday @ St. Louis Priory 600pm-820pm / 600pm-800pm
  • 13 Navy / 13 Orange / 14 Orange – Mondays & Wednesdays @ St. Louis Priory 600-820pm / 600pm-800pm
  • 14 Navy – Tuesdays / Thursdays @ Elite or Parkway North 600-820pm / 600-800pm
  • 13s & 14s Regional Team – Thursdays @ Elite 600pm-800pm (Limited to 12 players)


Facebook: Team Momentum STL

Instagram: Teammomentumstl      

Club Directors: Heather Cumbee (heatherkea@yahoo.com/314-518-5086) / Keith Oleary (keitholeary2004@aol.com/(314)276-3259)

Club Administrators: Sydney Reale Atley (sydreale@yahoo.com/314-952-8345) / John Powell (johnpowell3@gmail.com/314-398-8187)


We hope to see you at Tryouts and if you have any other questions don’t hesitate to contact our staff!