Tori Stewart Pays It Forward

Kids and Staff come together at the Victory Volleyball Camp.

Tori Stuart from 16Navy just completed her 3rd annual Victory Volleyball Camp for kids with special needs.  Tori described her efforts to give special needs kids an opportunity to experience the fun of volleyball:

“When Samantha Eaker (a grade school friend) and I were 12 years old we were going to volleyball summer camp together. We started talking about how Sam’s sister Olivia could go to camp the next year because she would meet the age requirement. Sam and Olivia’s mom told us that Olivia couldn’t go to camp because she had special needs and the coaches wouldn’t be able to help her with what she would need.

Sam and I basically thought that was unfair so we thought we should make a volleyball camp together for her sister! The next year, 2013, we started getting connections and planning for camp. In 2014 we had our first successful camp! Since then we have had 4 camps each ranging from 15-20 campers. “

Great job Tori!

Tori Stuart posing with campers.Taylor Stuart poses with camper. Tori Stuart posing with camper.